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Peperomia "Rosso" Peperomia "Rosso" Peperomia "Rosso" Peperomia "Rosso" Peperomia "Rosso" Peperomia "Rosso" Peperomia "Rosso"

Peperomia "Rosso"

Peperomia "Rosso"


Pet Friendly

Peperomia "Rosso", commonly called Radiator Plant, is a small house plant with quite dense, lush foliage. The long, almost heart-shaped leaves are glossy dark green on top and deep red underneath. The stems also have a hint of redness & a highly rippled surface due to the fairly prominent veins.

Rarely growing more than 15cm - 20cm in height, with a similar spread, these are compact houseplants ideal for where space is limited. They are quite slow-growing and can be long-lived.

"Rosso" is a hybrid of Peperomia metallica and Peperomia marmorata - a cross that was made by Obed Smit in Sappemeer, the Netherlands in 2010.

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Country of Origin


Habitat Conditions

Peperomias are semi-succulent epiphytes - they grown in the branches of other trees, or on dead and decaying tree trunks. They are found in the warm, humid tropical forests of Ecuador and thrive in warm, humid environments in the home - bathrooms are good places for them, as long as there is enough light.

Plant Care


Medium - medium-high. Avoid direct sunlight


Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Over watering will result in yellow leaves


If the plant gets out of shape or straggly, it can be cut back to encourage branching and a more bushy habit


A weak solution of fertilizer can be added to the water at every watering

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free, but keep an lookout for mealybugs. These can be removed by cleaning the plant with a damp cloth or paper towel.

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