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Pachira aquatica Braided Stem Pachira aquatica Braided Stem Pachira aquatica Braided Stem Pachira aquatica Braided Stem

Pachira aquatica Braided Stem

Pachira aquatica

("pack-EYE-rah ah-KWAT-ik-ah")


Pachira aquatica is a highly decorative tree with large, compound leaves with five to nine leaflets, not dissimilar to those found on Schefflera species (umbrella trees). Also known as Guiana chestnut or Malabar chestnut, the stems are often braided, or have very swollen trunk bases and are smooth. When mature, the trees produce striking flowers and large nuts

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Non-toxic (the nuts are a food crop in some places)


30-40cm. Houseplants are typically from 50cm to 1.5m. In the wild it can reach 18m in height!

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Country of Origin


Habitat Conditions

This species grows along riverbanks in the Amazon, and is adapted to warm, humid conditions and good light. Houseplants should be kept in well lit areas and must not get chilled

Plant Care


Medium-high - high


The soil should be kept moist, but not wet. It will tolerate occasional overwatering and underwatering. The foliage benefits from misting with tepid water


More mature plants can be pruned to maintain a good shape


Dilute fertilizer added to the water at every watering will be beneficial

Pest & Diseases

If the air is dry, two-spotted spider mites may be a problem. These can be deterred by regular misting. Sap feeding pests such as mealybugs and scale insects may also be found. Mealybugs should be removed by cleaning the plant with a damp cloth or paper towel, and scale insects rubbed of the plant with a blunt tool such as a wooden lolly stick

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