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Miniature Tree Fern Miniature Tree Fern Miniature Tree Fern Miniature Tree Fern Miniature Tree Fern Miniature Tree Fern

Miniature Tree Fern

Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady'

Pet Friendly
Our Miniature Tree Fern, or Blechnum gibbum 'Silver Lady', is an elegant fern with attractive feathery fronds that in mature specimens resemble a shuttlecock as they radiate from the centre of the plant. It is a robust species that is quite tolerant of dry atmosphere compared with other indoor fern species.

When mature, the ferns start to form a black, scaly trunk that can eventually reach a height of 90cm. All our potted plants come in compostable coir pots - read more here.

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Country of Origin

New Caledonia, Vanuatu

Habitat Conditions

This species prefers warm and shady conditions and whilst it is tolerant of drier atmosheres than other ferns, it still benefits from regular misting or being placed in a room such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Plant Care


Low to medium, avoid direct sunlight


Keep the soil moist, but not wet. If you have rainwater available, so much the better


Like all ferns, this species cannot be pruned. Dead fronds should be cut back to the base of the plant with a sharp knife


A very weak solution of dilute fertilizer can be added to the water at every watering

Pest & Diseases

Keep a lookout for mealybugs, which, if found should be physically removed

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