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Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum on lava rock available from foli8 Fishtail Fern houseplant with lava rock on shelf Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum on lava rock closeup Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum average plant height 30-40cm Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum indoor plants for sale Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum on lava rock close up Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum healthy green leaves Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum on lava rock in decorative tray Fishtail Fern microsorum punctatum close up of healthy leaves

Fishtail Fern on Lava Rock

Microsorum punctatum (on Lava rock)

("my-cro-SOR-um punk-TA-tum")

Fishtail Fern is also known as Microsorum punctatum and is a beautiful houseplant that is grown on lava rock. A fern from the Old World tropics, and superficially resembling the Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus), this plant grows as an epiphyte (attached to trees), lithophyte (attached to rocks) and on the ground.  Its long, strappy fronds are oblong to slightly elliptical, grow almost upright and are a bright green colour. The name Microsorum relates to the small spore cases (sori) that form on the undersides of the fronds, and punctatum refers to the dotty, or spotty, arrangement of the tiny spore cases.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Not known to be toxic, and has some documented medicinal properties


30-40cm. Can grow up to 80cm.

Country of Origin

Tropical Africa, Asia and New Guinea

Habitat Conditions

This plant is found in warm, humid forests, where is well adapted to shade and damp conditions.

Plant Care


Low - medium


The growing medium should be kept moist at all times. Mist the foliage with tepid water and keep the lava rock substrate damp


Remove dead or dying foliage by cutting the affected fronds back to the base. Ferns cannot be pruned for shaping purposes


A very weak solution of fertilizer can occasionally be added to the water when watering the plant

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free. Mealybugs might be a rare pest, and these can be removed by cleaning the foliage with a damp cloth or paper towel

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