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Kokedama String of Hearts (Ceropegia Linearis) House Plant Foli8 Kokedama String of Hearts (Ceropegia Linearis) House Plant Closeup Ceropegia linearis's heart shaped leaves String of Hearts with kokedama hanging planter Kokedama style String of Hearts

Kokedama style String of Hearts

Kokedama Ceropegia linearis subsp. woodii 'String of hearts'

("serr-oh-PEE-jee-ah lin-ee-AH-ris")

Pet Friendly

The String of Hearts in our hanging Kokedama planter makes a wonderful addition to your houseplant collection. Also known as Ceropegia linearis, a subspecies of Ceropegia woodii, this plant prefers bright light to ensure the striking patterns on the foliage remain visible.

Ceropegia is a delicate trailing plant with variegated, semi-succulent heart-shaped leaves that have purple undersides and a marbled silver and green upper surface, and which is perfectly displayed in our kokedama-style hanging planter.  The plant also produces small swollen tubers at the leaf nodes (which give the plant one of its common names - Rosary vine) and unusual-looking flowers from the nodes.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Not known to be toxic

Country of Origin

South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Habitat Conditions

This plant is a lithophyte - it grows out of rock crevices where there is little water or nutrients. A native of Southern Afirca, it won't tolerate low temperatures.

Plant Care


High light is best to ensure the striking patterns on the foliage remain visible


The soil should be allowed to dry out between watering. The plant is semi-succulent and requires very little water. When watering the plant, allow the water to drain completely - don't let the plant sit in water


The vines can be trimmed to keep the plant in a good shape. Cut to the nodes


Very little fertilizer is needed. Add a small amout of weak fertilizer solution the water every few months

Pest & Diseases

Mealybugs and two-spotted spider mite may be occasional pests, which should be removed as soon as they are spotted

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