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Flint Wall Art Flint Wall Art Flint Wall Art Flint Wall Art Flint Wall Art Flint Wall Art

Flint Wall Art

("rip-SAH-liss bak-SIFF-eh-rah")

Pet Friendly
Cacti Succulents

Our Flint Wall art feature is a simple, easy to install plant feature that can be fixed to the wall with just a couple of screws. Even a novice DIYer can fit one using a suitable power drill.

The Flint comes complete with four mistletoe cactus plants (Rhipsalis baccifera), which are plants from the Central American cloud forests, and which produce long, spidery hanging stems. As with all cacti, Rhipsalis is completely leafless - all of its photosynthesis takes place in its fleshy stems.

Like all cacti and most succulents, Rhipsalis requires a few hours of darkness every day.


All our potted plants come in compostable coir pots - read more here.

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Pets & Children


Country of Origin

Probably originally from Columbia, but is found all over South and Central America, the Caribbean and Tropical Africa

Habitat Conditions

In the wild, the plant is usually an epiphyte, but it will also grow in pockets of organic matter in rock crevices (the technical term for that is lithophyte). It is found lowland and upland rain-forests and upland evergreen bushland where there is often mist from low clouds. It prefers warm conditions and dappled, not direct, light.


40 x 15 x 9.5cm


Indoor use only





Plant Care


Medium to high. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight


Keep soil moist and occasionally mist the foliage with tepid water


The plant can be kept compact by trimming the stems where there is a natural joint - at which point, new growth will appear as a forked stem


A weak solution of fertilizer can be added to the water at every watering. If the plant gets stressed or is deficient in nutrients, the stems can turn a reddish colour

Pest & Diseases

Occasional mealybugs, which can be picked off when you see them

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