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Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture Fittonia Living Picture

Fittonia Living Picture

Fittonia albivenis

("fitt-OH-nee-ah al-bee-VAY-niss")


Our Living Picture is an innovative self-watering vertical planter that brings commerical green wall technology into the home. The built-in water tank delivers just the right amount of water to the plants using a special microfibre capillary cloth. Watering is straightforward - when the tank is empty, a little red watering can appears on the bottom the frame. Just top up the tank through the filler hole. You will know when it is full as a yellow marker will appear next to where you add the water.

Fixing the Living Picture is very straightforward. As long as you can drill two holes, using the template provided, then you will be fine (if you are fixing it to a stud wall, you will need to use appropriate hollow wall fixings). Full instructions are provided in the box.

Our Living Picture comes with six ready-to-plant Fittonia albivenis (the nerve plant, or mosaic plant). This has deep green leaves with brightly coloured veins, ranging in shade from pure white to differing shades of pink and red. In its natural habitat, it is a creeping, spreading plant, which makes it ideal for ground cover in tropical areas, or for bowls, terrariums or vertical features as a houseplant.

It produces rather dull and uninspiring flowers, which can be removed when seen.

Please note: the plant comes in many shades and we cannot guarantee what coloured leaf veins your plants will have.

All our potted plants come in compostable coir pots - read more here.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Not known to be toxic, and has been used a traditional medicine by some tribes in the Ecuadorean Amazon


10-20cm. Individual vines can reach up to a metre or more!

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Country of Origin

Bolivia, Northern Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Habitat Conditions

A rainforest plant that is used to warmth, moist soils, humidity and dappled light, making it ideal for many indoor locations, but especially bathrooms and in vertical plant features where there is constant moisture


51.6 x 51.6 x 11.2cm


Indoor use only

Plant Care


Keep out of direct light. This plant does best in low to medium light levels and does well in shady spots


Keep the soil moist, but not wet. Wilted plants can be revived with a good drink, but don't let trhem dry out for prolonged periods


Pinch out the top bud if the plant gets leggy to encourage more bushy growth


Add a weak solution of fertilizer to the water every time you water the plant

Pest & Diseases

Mealybugs can sometimes be found, and they should be removed (or heavily infested foliage cut out). In dry conditions, be on the lookout for two-spotted spide mites. Therse can be deterred by ensuring that the plants are regularly misted with tepid water, or kept in more humid locations in the home.

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