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Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke" Rubber Plant "Tineke"

Rubber Plant "Tineke"

Ficus elastica "Tineke" (variegated)

("FY-kus ell-ASS-tik-ah")

Rubber Plant "Tineke", also known as Ficus elastica Tineke, is an attractive large-leaved foliage plant with strikingly variegated, glossy oval leaves that have a prominent midrib that is red underneath. The leaves emerge from red leaf sheaths

Ficus elastica is the original rubber plant. Elastica obviously means elastic, and refers to the sticky latex that exudes from the plant whenever its stems or leaves are damaged. This was used for the manufacture of soft rubber goods, such as elastic bands and erasers until the south American plant Hevea brasiliensis was introduced to south-east Asia in commercial plantations.

Ficus elastica was first introduced to the UK as a decorative plant in 1815.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Some people find the sap irritating, so be careful if pruning or removing leaves


40-50cm. Potted specimens can grow up to 3m, although they are usually much smaller

Nursery Pot Size


Country of Origin

India and Malaysia

Plant Care


Medium-low - medium


Keep soil moist and do not dry out completely. As a rainforest plant, it will tolerate the occasional accidental overwatering

Pest & Diseases

Occasional mealybug, which can be controlled by keeping your plant clean

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