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Echeveria "Lipstick" Echeveria "Lipstick" Echeveria "Lipstick" Echeveria "Lipstick" Echeveria "Lipstick" Echeveria "Lipstick" Echeveria "Lipstick"

Echeveria "Lipstick"

Echeveria agavoides

("ek-hev-EH-ree-yah agg-ah-VOY-deez")

Pet Friendly
Cacti Succulents
Echeveria "Lipstick", also known as Echeveria agavoides, is a small, stemless succulent plant with a rosette of fleshy leaves that occasionally produces offsets. The leaves are green, triangular, and resemble those of the agave (hence the specific name) - a completely unrelated species. Some varieties reddish tips and leaf margins, and some have a thin waxy coating on the leaves - this is natural (it acts as a sun screen) and should not be cleaned off.

Pink, orange or red flowers may appear in summer appear on slender stalks that may be as much as 50cm high.

Echeveria, like most succulents, must have a period of darkness every day in order to photosynthesize. This is an adaptation to preserve moisture. The pores in the leaves (stomata) open only at night, to reduce the risk of the plant drying out. This means that carbon dioxide from the air is absorbed at night and chemically stored as malic acid. When the sun comes out, the stomata close to prevent moisture loss, and the carbon dioxide is released into the tissue of the plants where it reacts with sunlight and water to produce carbohydrates. All our potted plants come in compostable coir pots - read more here.

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Pets & Children

The tips of the leaves are hard (but not sharp)



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Country of Origin


Habitat Conditions

The plant comes from the semi-arid areas of Mexico where water is erratic, the sun is strong and the night-time temperatures can drop to as low as 5C. In the house, it is idea for sunny windows and conservatories, and can even be kept outside in the summer

Plant Care


High. Will tolerate direct sunlight


Very little water is needed and the soil should be allowed to dry out between watering


When the plant is mature, offsets may be produced, which can be cut off and rooted to make new plants. It is also possible to take leaf cuttings to grow new plants


A little dilute fertilizer can be added to the water every time you water the plant - especially in the summer

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free, but might be attractive to mealybugs. These can be easily removed from the plant.

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