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Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena Gold Dust Dracaena

Gold Dust Dracaena

Dracaena surclosa

("drah-SEE-nah surr-cue-LOH-sah")

Floor Standing

Gold Dust Dracaena, or Dracaena surculosa, is a very distinctive plant that looks unlike most other Dracaenas.  It is a small multi-stemmed shrub with slender, whip-like branching stems, and large, elliptical leaves that grow in groups of two or three, which are patterned with cream or golden-yellow spots and blotches.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Most dracaenas are harmless to people, but toxic to other animals


40-50cm. In the wild, these plants rarely exceed 1.5m

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Country of Origin

Coastal West Africa

Habitat Conditions

The plant grows in the dappled light of the shrub layer in the rainforests of Tropical West Africa, which are warm and humid. As a houseplant, it is tolerant of most interior conditions except very dim areas and extremely bright spots

Plant Care


Medium - medium-high. Avoid direct sunlight


Keep soil moist, but not wet, and allow to dry out a little between watering. Regular misting with tepid water will keep the foliage looking fresh and discourage spider mites


Branches can be trimmed to maintain shape or size, but this will encourage branching lower down. New branches emerge as long whip-like stems before the leaves unfurl, so be careful not to cut those back thinking that they have lost their leaves and need removing


A weak solution of fertilizer added with the water every time you water will be beneficial

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free, but keep a lookout for mealybugs and two-spotted spider mite, both of which can be removed when you clean the plant with a damp cloth or paper towel. Regular misting with tepid water will also deter spider mites

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