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Coffee Plant Coffee Plant Coffee Plant Coffee Plant Coffee Plant Coffee Plant Coffee Plant Coffee Plant

Coffee Plant

Coffea arabica

("koff-EE-ah ar-AB-ik-ah")

Pet Friendly
The coffee bush is an evergreen shrub that as well as producing coffee beans is also an attractive houseplant.

Coffea arabica has large, elliptic dark green glossy leaves with pronounced veins. The bush, when large and mature, may produce fragrant white flowers and red berries - but it will need to be grown in a warm conservatory for this to happen in the UK, and it may take many years.

As well as being the source of coffee beans, the timber is also used in construction and for fuel. All our potted plants come in compostable coir pots - read more here.

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Pets & Children

The plant is non-toxic. As well as the beans being used to make coffee, the leaves are also sometimes used as an infusion and consumed like tea.


20-30cm. Houseplants are typically 20cm - 50cm. Wild plants can reach up to 9m in height.

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Country of Origin

Native to Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya, but now also grown in South America, the Caribbean, Asia and parts of West Africa.

Habitat Conditions

Coffea arabica is native to humid high altitude locations with heavy rainfall and mild temperatures. They grow best at temperatures between 15C and 24C, and are able to tolerate temperatures down to approx. 5C, making them ideal plants for conservatories.

Plant Care


Medium-high - high (light shade is recommended)


Keep the soil moist, but not wet


Prune by cutting foliage back to the desired size and shape.


Dilute fertilizer added to the water at every watering is recommended.

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free, but look out for mealybugs and other sap-feeding insects, especially if kept in a conservatory or greenhouse.

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