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Calathea "Peacock"

Calathea veitchiana "Medallion"

("kal-ah-THEE-ah vee-tchee-AH-nah")

Pet Friendly
Calathea Peacock plant, or Calathea veitchiana "Medallion", is a small, strikingly beautiful herbaceous plant species from the forest floors of Ecuador. The patterned leaves are held on slender stalks and have a deep maroon undersides.

There are many species of Calathea (although some have been recently reclassified as Goeppertia) and almost all of them have strikingly patterned foliage. It is thought that in the dappled light of the forest floor, the patterns help camouflage the plants to make them harder to see by plant-eating animals.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Harmless to pets and humans.


30-50cm. Can grow up to 80cm.

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Country of Origin


Habitat Conditions

A jungle floor species that copes well in low light and warm conditions. However, it does not do well in really dry air (so mist with tepid water occasionally in winter when the central heating is on).

Plant Care


Low - low-medium. Keep out of direct sunlight


Keep moist, but not wet


Remove dead or damaged leaves by cutting off at the base of the stem.


Add a weak fertilizer dose to water every time you water the plant.

Pest & Diseases

Mealybugs are an occasional problem. Two-spotted spider mite can do considerable damage if the plant is kept too dry. Regular misting with tepid water will deter two-spotted mites.

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