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Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl" Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl" Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl" Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl" Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl" Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl"

Aloe "Cosmo Green pearl"

Aristaloe aristata "Cosmo Green Pearl"

("ah-RIST-al-oh ah-riss-TAH-ta")

Cacti Succulents
Aristaloe aristata "Cosmo Green Pearl", also known as Lace Aloe or Serelei, is a small, compact rosette-forming succulent with attractive dark green leaves marked with rows of white knobbly dots.  The leaf has a sharp, spiny tip and the leaf edges are armed with small saw-tooth spines.
In the right conditions, long stems (up to 35cm) will grow to carry many tubular reddish-orange flowers, which are attractive to bees and wasps.
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Additional Information

Pets & Children

The plant has sharp spines and leaf tips - keep out of reach of children.


10cm - 20cm. Leaves can grow up to 12cm long.

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Country of Origin

South Africa

Habitat Conditions

A typical succulent, with a wide range of habitats in its native South Africa - from exposed dry sandy conditions to upland grassland and even forest margins. It is remarkably hardy and can grow outside in milder parts of UK (it is frost hardy to -7C, but needs to be protected from wet conditions, and plants bought as houseplants would need to be gradually hardened off for use outdoors). It is an ideal plant for a sunny windowsill or conservatory. Like most succulents, it requires a period of darkness every day.

Plant Care


Medium-high. Will tolerate direct sunlight. Must have a period of darkness every day.


Keep the soil on the dry side and water infrequently - however, when you do water, be quite generous.


Dead leaves and spent blooms should be cut off with a sharp knife or secateurs. Otherwise, no pruning is necessary


A weak solution of fertilizer can be added to the water at each watering.

Pest & Diseases

Generally pest free, but the occasional mealybug might be seen, which can be removed by cleaning the plant with a soft brush (e.g. a paint brush) - don't try and wipe the leaves as the spines can be sharp and may cut your hands and shred your cleaning cloth.

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