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The foli8 Coir Pot

The beating heart of all our plants is the foli8 growing pot

In our view plastic has been used far too extensively and for far too long in the horticultural industry.

Each year over 3 billion plastic pots are used in the Netherlands alone – that’s over 30,000 tonnes of plastic!

We set out to make a difference. The foli8 pot is made from coconut fibre and is 100% natural, 100% compostable and 100% renewable. It looks great too! Like all growing pots the coconut fibre allows water to pass through for drainage of excess water so for internal use, select one of our size matched decorative pots to ensure your display is watertight

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Pot sizing

All our plants are sized by their foli8 pot.

We have made it super easy for you to match the correct decorative pot by selecting the decorative pot you like from the list provided on the plant page.


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