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Each plant has its own needs and care requirements, which we have set out for you on each product page. If you are having any specific issues or want any additional tips, then please feel free to get in touch with us!

We have a next-day dispatch policy, which means that your order will be dispatched one working day after you place the order. This will then be delivered the following working day with an additional 1 working day for offshore addresses. However, some items may have additional processing time if we are waiting for stock. Please contact us via email or the live chat if you want to find out for a specific plant.

Delivery charge is £5.95, and free for orders over £50 to mainland UK and £24.95 offshore UK. There is no minimum order value.

We care about our products a lot and we do our best to ensure that they arrive in the best condition. However there is a chance of damage during delivery. If this has happened please contact us with clear photographic evidence of the damage and we will help you.

If your question hasn't been answered then contact us via the live chat


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