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About Us

The foli8 seeds were sown in Covid lockdown…

They were well watered, nurtured and germinated through the turbulent and unpredictable 2020 and now launched as a vibrant and sustainable house plant brand.

We are a passionate team of biophilic interior designers. We have pivoted our extensive knowledge, developed through 45 years of designing plant schemes for stunning commercial interiors, and now delivering it all to the consumer with a fanatical focus on customer service and sustainability. foli8 is the progeny of Planteria Group – the London based market leaders in commercial planting design.

So, whilst we’re a young, contemporary, and enthusiastic brand our heritage goes way back, living and working with indoor plants for two generations. In other words, we know our plants!

foli8 is a plant store that brings only the best quality plants delivered direct to your door. We’re making a stand for sustainability and on a mission to rid the industry of plastic.

The presence of plants transforms a house into a home. We’ll help you select your plants, give you inspirational ideas and share all our knowledge on how to give them the best care.

Meet the Team


foli8 Plant Scientist

Favourite Plant:

Howea forsteriana


foli8 Co-Founder

Favourite Plant:

Ficus elastica "Abidjan"


foli8 Customer Friend

Favourite Plant:

Asparagus setaceous


foli8 Co-Founder

Favourite Plant:

Phlebodeum aureum


foli8 Plant Logistics

Favourite Plant:

Microsorum diversifolium on Lava Rock


foli8 Plant Tech

Favourite Plant:

Calathea veitchiana "Medallion"


foli8 Plant Tech

Favourite Plant:

Dicksonia antarctica


foli8 Plant Tech

Favourite Plant:

Epipremnum aureum

What we value


Houseplants breathe life and happiness, and we're doing our bit to share the joy and make your home and workspace a healthier, happier place. We're the friendly plant fanatics!


We take it seriously. From products to processes and from pots to packaging, we strive for improvement in environmental impact at every point.


We embrace biophilic design and passionately explore the trends and harmonies between plants and interiors.


Born out of a global pandemic; community, compassion and wellbeing are front of mind in everything we do and stand for at foli8.

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