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Different size plants have different benefits and uses. They all breathe life and happiness, and we are doing our bit to help make your home a healthier, happier place in the easiest way possible.
Large plants are great focal points and sound absorbers; perfect for empty corners and rooms that need an extra feature. Each individual plant has many benefits, which you will find along with specific plant care tips on each plant page.
Medium plants are ideal for most rooms. They don't take up as much space as large plants, but are still big enough to make an eye-catching feature in your home as well as providing air-cleansing benefits.
Small plants are the easy ones! They can fit in most interiors: on shelves, tables, mantlepieces, or group them with other size plants to create a real feature.
If you are short on space, try our  which are great for many reasons, including saving space, showing off foliage, or adding interest to an area of the room.


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