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Plant Types

We know that every interior is different. We have selected plant types that we know matter to you. From pet-friendly to unkillables, desktop to floor-standing, there is a perfect plant to help make your home a healthier, happier place. We particularly love our hanging range - these are ideal for rooms that are short of space and give a unique touch to your room, too.
Our unkillables range is perfect for any new houseplant owners, or if you are short of time; they will survive in (almost) any conditions and will forgive you for the occasional over or under watering.

All our plants come in 100% compostable coir pots, and on each plant page you have the ability to pick from a huge range of our plant pots that will fit your plant and compliment any interior. And should you need any help, we have expert care tips on our blog pages.


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