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Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime" Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime" Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime" Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime" Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime" Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime" Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime"

Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime"

Dracaena deremensis "Lemon Lime"

("drah-SEE-nah der-ree-MEN-sis")

Floor Standing

Dracaena deremensis, commonly known as Dragon Tree "Lemon Lime", is a branching shrub, or small tree, that has long strap-like leaves.  "Lemon Lime" has distinctive yellow and lime-greens striped leaves. Lemon Lime Dragon Tree is one of a group of cultivated varieties (cultivars) of Dracaena deremensis - a group of very attractive, robust  and easy-to-care-for houseplants that have been popular for decades.

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Additional Information

Pets & Children

Toxic to many animals (including pets), though not humans 


90-100cm. The rooted tips of these plants are approx. 20cm tall. Plants with defined stems can be from 80cm up to 2.5 m

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Country of Origin

Dracaena deremensis originates in tropical Africa 

Habitat Conditions

Prefers warm conditions, above 13C and can tolerate surprisingly dimly-lit spaces 

Plant Care


Medium - medium high 


Prefers quite dry conditions and won't tolerate 


If the plant gets too tall and leggy, cut off the top (which you can then plant into some fresh soil - it will root quite readily).  Dormant buds from lower down the trunk will then produce new growth within a few months. 


Very little feed is needed - some dilute fertilizer added when you water the plants will be satisfactory 

Pest & Diseases

Occasionally trouble by mealybugs.  If you see them, remove them by cleaning the plant with a damp cloth or paper towel 

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