What is the urban jungle trend?

urban jungle trend shown at treehouse hotels with plants by planteria group

Having just a solitary plant by the window is no longer enough: homes and offices across the nation are creating their own little patches of green and incorporating plants into their interior décor - especially as more of us are having to work from home (and will carry on even when the pandemic is under control).

The benefits of a green environment are many, from mental wellbeing to lower levels of stress. Research has shown that biophilic design (creating environments that bring an experience of, and connection to nature indoors) can reduce stress and improve wellbeing and even creativity. The urban jungle trend can help you accomplish this goal – and it’s a trend that we at foli8 can help you achieve in your own home.

urban jungle trend at home

Why Do We Love the Urban Jungle Trend So Much?

By adding a variety of indoor plants, planters, plant stands, hanging plants and more to the home, you can create your own pocket ‘jungle’ that we are sure will boost your wellbeing and bring some extra life indoors.

And, at foli8, we believe this interior trend is here to stay.

For a start, this is not a new concept, as people have been trying to create ‘jungle vibes’ in their home and place of work for a long time. If you look at the popularity of hashtags such as #urbanjungle, #junglestyle and #junglehome on Instagram, it’s clear this trend is not just a fad.  For example, there are almost 5 million posts just with the #urbanjungle tag!

Also, with a growing number of people living in cities (it’s estimated that, by 2050, there will be 2.4 billion more people in cities), bringing the jungle indoors is an increasingly attractive option.

It’s difficult for us to imagine life without greenery, so it’s no wonder that the urban jungle trend appeals so much to us. Plants can create a soothing atmosphere and are a brilliant addition to domestic and commercial spaces.

After all, a home or office full of bright colours and vivid greens will make people feel at ease (since it meets their biophilic needs) and reduces stress levels. We also believe an indoor jungle can boost people’s moods and make people happier by reinvigorating our senses, which is why we love this trend so much.

How easy is it for me to reproduce the trend at home?

The short answer is that it’s incredibly easy to bring the jungle indoors.

You don’t have to go as far as Amazon, who really took the jungle look to the next level by building the Spheres. These giant biodomes in their Seattle headquarters allow staff to escape the office and work surrounded by nature.

If you’re considering rewilding your interior, there are two things you must take into account:

  • Your space still has to be usable. 
  • You need to pick the right plants that will thrive in the different rooms in your home.

Creating your own urban jungle

Choosing the right plants for the office or plants for your home is also important because you want something that is easy to maintain. Plants require a little TLC to look their best, and if you are a newcomer to houseplant care, or pressed for time, low effort plants and flowers could be your top choice in order to keep up the jungle look.  You can use the filters on the foli8 website to help you pick the best ones for your space, and look after them for you too!

urban jungle trend with plants in bedroom

What’s So Fun About the Urban Jungle Trend?

Plants are a source of inspiration and this trend can help people to reconnect with nature and unleash their creativity. What’s more, plants bring life into interiors as well – if you remove all plants from a space, it’s easy to see how empty and lifeless it can look.

The urban jungle trend also allows people to have fun taking care of something living and activate their nurturing instincts.  Many home jungle fans prefer plants to pets: they are cheaper and easier to care for, and don’t require walking!

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