We are so excited to announce the launch of our first ever Living With Series. We teamed up with interiors influencer, Michaela Shoebridge (@mishkashoe) to create some inspiring tips on how to use houseplants to create living interiors and spaces. We carried out a survey which showed us that it is estimated that Brits will spend £4.6 billion on houseplants this year alone, with 51% answering that the main reason being that people are investing in plants is to enhance or improve their interiors, and 45% answering that it was to help relieve stress, anxiety and to boost mood.

So, with both wellbeing and biophilic design at the heart of our values, we believe that revitalising plain spaces using houseplants, will boost happiness and bring us closer to nature, as well as turning our interiors into stunning places.



Tip 1: How to Style Your Living Area

When looking at your living area, Michaela highlighted the importance of accentuating its key features. Whatever space you have, greenery can be used to add some colour, and bring a sense of tranquillity with plants' earthy and neutral tones.

A variety of plants is best, depending on the different areas you have: smaller clusters of plants on shelves or tables, and some floor-standing plants in the corners. Michaela has also used a raised plant stand to bring the sofa to life.






Here, in this lovely reading area, we can see clearly how plants have brought the cosy space to life, making it even more into a haven of peace for those much-needed quiet moments.



Tip 2: Converting Your Conservatory into a Meditation Haven

The conservatory is a prime space for relaxation. It is increasingly used as more people take up yoga, meditation and other relaxation practices. Plants that thrive in conservatories are the perfect accessory: they help purify the air, and absorb gases such as carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen rich surroundings. What more could you want to create a calm, healthy atmosphere?



Tip 3: Making an Entrance to Your Hallway

The importance of hallways is often forgotten. This is the space that people see first on entering, so it is key to make a welcoming focal point. Michaela has built a living wall here using a range of our trailing plants including the Monstera "Monkey Leaf", Four-coloured Spiderwort and Mistletoe Cactus. The beauty of this is that it can be made as big or small as you want, and in whatever shape! Time to get your creative vibes out and use this beautiful greenery to transform your hallway into an impactful space as people enter your home.



Tip 4: Bedroom Updates


I don't think that anyone could argue how important it is for bedrooms to be a peaceful space, aiding us to reset, and have a perfect night sleep. You couldn't get better than plants to create that sense of calm and restfulness. Here Michaela has particularly chosen plants that are great in bedrooms for purifying the air, including species of Monstera and Calatheas.



She has also gone a step further in using hanging planting to bring an all-round sense of tranquillity and relaxation with the cascading foliage of our Devil's Ivy in the Natural Thatch Hanging Pot.



Tip 5: How to Unwind in Your Bathroom

Who would say no to a bath in that environment! So many people use baths as an escape; a space where they can relax and cleanse. Plants help create that mini-spa retreat, and if you choose from our selection of bathroom plants, these will really thrive in the humidity, making your bathroom a continually lush green place.



Tip 6: Give the Kids something Easy to Care For

When bringing children up, it is so important to teach them a sense of ownership and care for living things. Plants are a great way to do this, and also help in educating them about nature. We have a great selection of (almost) unkillable plants that are a great place to start. Plants are also known to boost mood and productivity, and will bring a healthier atmosphere for your children to live in.



Tip 7: Going Green in Your WFH Space

Having emerged out of a pandemic, we all know how everyone's work lives have changed, and working from home has become so widespread. We also realise that stress from work can be worse when working from home, and it is so important to furnish that dedicated environment so as to aid productivity and wellbeing. Research suggests that plants can boost productivity by up to 15%, and foli8 have a wide range of home office plants to help you do this.

It is common to think that desktop plants are the only solution, however here Michaela shows how hanging plants and shelving can really bring the space to life: making an amazing focal point in the room, serving as pieces of art, and saving precious desk space. Overall, the area looks much more modern and inviting with green and natural tones.


By Emily Worrod

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